Here’s a taste of my day yesterday, Monday, 3/5/19…enjoy!
What a fascinating day I had yesterday…
I visited with just 3 clients/potential clients, and my goal is to get that number up to 6 or so on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Here’s what I encountered…
1) Had great visit with a police officer and his wife at her place of business…she had Christian music playing, so we made an easy connection.  Talked very opening about many things with both of them in terms of life in general.  Gave them some options re: life insurance products to pursue and talked about how life insurance is simply a way to demonstrate our love and care for those we love the most, since we live in a broken world, and we just don’t know what may happen.  Though they didn’t apply, yet, I established a relationship and great rapport with them and  I believe they will.
2) Had my 2nd visit with a dear woman and her middle-aged handicapped son.  They live alone in a very rural setting and have almost nothing…they are believers and I’m working hard to find her a simple policy that she can afford to simply protect her son should she pass.  Haven’t found it yet, but I’m not giving up!  Prayed with them both times I was with them.  They are new friends!
3) Met with a family practice doc who has multiple properties, and lives in a mansion on a mountain with a view to die for…wrote him a large policy that will pay me a very large commission.
Talk about experiencing the extremes in ONE DAY!
I’m loving this business and learning a lot!  It’s really what I’ve always longed for…Life/ministry/serving/relationships/leadership development/and an opportunity to make the kind of $ I NEVER dreamed of making in my life!  God is good!
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Until next time!
A sample of the views I was enjoying all day yesterday!