Well…what that saying…”one of the only things in life that stays the same is CHANGE!” Thanks for visiting my website, and in particular, this blog, to learn a bit more about what I and my family are up to these days. We are doing very well, in the midst of another life transition, and the Lord is showing Himself faithful and true, as He always does! Below is a copy of the letter that I read to our church family here at Crossover Church on Wednesday evening, January 16. We are embracing this opportunity to step out in faith, and have a smooth and healthy transition in the body of Christ. Thanks for taking the time to check in!


Dear Church Family,

My family and I are so blessed to be a part of Crossover Church! When we came to Crossover back in 2014, we knew we were where God called us to be as a family. At that time, I did not anticipate joining the staff at all, but that’s exactly how the Lord led both the church and myself, as the Lord brought us together to meet each other’s needs for the coming season.

I love Crossover’s strong emphasis on discipleship and growth, and my heart’s desire was to see a team of worshipers, growing together spiritually, relationally, musically and into deeper understandings of the principles of worship and how to lead well by example, with humility and a sense of the privilege to get to do so, for the honor and glory of Jesus. I’m so grateful to the Lord, that with His help, I believe He’s allowed us to to experience much of these things the past 4 years.

So, now it’s 2019, and the Lord is leading again…but this time, to transition off of the staff. The pastors, elders and I, in complete unity and agreement, made this decision together, a week ago Sunday, and we are at peace and moving forward with what is next. I have served the Lord through music/worship ministry vocationally or as a volunteer, now, in 10 different churches spanning 35 years. I have been, and will always be ready and willing to share what I have with the local church, regardless of any position or title that I may have. At this juncture of my life, I have determined that the constant rise in technical skills needed to perform the job well, as well as my natural temperament, spiritual gift mix, and most importantly, my family life needs, are not well-suited anymore for the the constance of the Sunday to Sunday rhythm that the job of worship pastor/leader requires.

Additionally, I have a passion to equip, encourage and release the next generation to step up and grow into places of leadership in the music and worship leading area. For the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of meeting with Christopher Philley every week, to talk about our worship ministry, plan, strategize and pray together over this ministry and for the Lord’s leadership and His best. I have no doubt, that the transition that we are entering into right now, is all part of God’s Sovereign plan for Crossover Church. On Saturday afternoon, as I was just finishing packing up the final things in my office, Christopher stopped by the church to begin preparing for the evening’s rehearsal. He assisted me with loading all of my things into my car, and I asked him to return to the office with me one more time. As the Lord led, I placed my hands on his shoulders and prayed a prayer of blessing over him, passing the baton of worship leadership at Crossover to him, for the next season, however long that may be. It was a Holy-Spirit led, God ordained moment that I will never forget!

I love Crossover Church, and consider it an absolute privilege and honor to have been able to serve as part of the pastoral staff for these 4 years. Stepping down will be an adjustment for all of us, but I and my family are not going anywhere, so you’re all stuck with us until Jesus returns!

I have the utmost love and respect for Pastor Terry, the rest of the staff, elders, deacons and all the leadership of Crossover Church, and they have demonstrated nothing but love and absolute care for my family and I through this entire process. The Lord is already at work, orchestrating our steps, and giving us a pathway to run on as we seek out our new sources of income. We know He will provide!

On behalf of myself and the Brooksies, we love you and thank God for you and for your great love and support for our family. You have all blessed and enriched our lives tremendously and we know that will only continue, because we’re family!