2 New Releases for November/December…

Just in time for Christmas!

After releasing the title song, Joining God, last November, it is a great joy and blessing to be able to release the entire project this year, thanks in great part to the help of Eric Sullivan, worship pastor of Calvary Chapel in North Spokane.  Eric was a tremendous help to me in tracking the extra vocals and instrumentation that we needed to fill it out, and then did a masterful job of mixing and mastering for me.  I’m so grateful!
These songs truly represent my heartfelt prayers and desires.  They are not things that I have obtained, but that I continue to strive for only because of the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus, His shed blood for me, and the empowering Holy Spirit.  Thank You Jesus!
I will be posting more detailed credits very soon, as well as song lyrics, and the life journey behind many of these songs.  2 things I know for sure…1) God is always at work around us, and we get to choose whether or not we are going to join Him or not, and 2) I have a Godly heritage passed down to me through several generations.  Their legacy is what became my heritage, and if succeeding generations will continue to have that Godly heritage, I must choose today to leave a Godly legacy.
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Joining God

I absolutely love calming, relaxing and soothing instrumental music.  Whether it is a moving movie soundtrack, classical orchestral movements from the great composers, smaller intimate ensembles or combos, or accomplished soloists, I love it all.

I have to admit, though, that I have become particularly fond of the simple beauty and simplicity of piano music.  Probably where I got my love for piano, first and foremost was from my Mother!  I loved listening to her play and play and play for hours, whether it was rehearsing for church, or simply just her own private praise and worship to the Lord.  She still amazes me, at over 80, how she can play effortlessly the great hymns of the faith and in beautiful, harmonic renditions that are fresh and tasteful.  My older sister, Carmen, has to be right there, too, in terms of influencing me…Boy could she practice and practice!
Some of my other favorites and influencers over the years, in no particular order, have been: Michael W. Smith, Jim Brickman, my own Aunt Wava, Cathy Wirth, Candy McPherson, Dick Tunney, Dennis Jernigan, Keith Green, Tom Howard, Harlan Rogers, Smitty Price, and my two very special friends Ed Kerr and new friend Stanton Lanier.  There are probably parts of all of these men and women in my playing, but ultimately, I give glory to my Creator God for the gift of creativity in music making in particular.
This small little Christmas collection came about rather suddenly, but I am grateful for the inspiration.  To take some familiar childhood melodies and weave them with the great classic Christmas carols.  Hopefully, there will be more!  Merry Christmas!
Click the following link to give it a listen and/or purchase it!



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