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Pictured Above: Crossover Church Multi-Generational Worship Choir – Easter 2018

Songs, Ideas, Mistakes, Lessons and Learning

You’ll find a little of all of that here on the resources page!  As I’ve stated earlier, my heart’s desire is simply to begin to share in a greater capacity what the Lord has taught me and allowed me to experience, primarily in the areas of music and worship ministry in the local church.
My life has spanned this stunning shift and growth in music and worship in the church over the last 4-5 decades.  I’ll be the first to tell you that there are an abundance of resources out there, that are high caliber, quality, and even inexpensive or free!  I plan on sharing many of those resources with you and pointing you to them, too!
For my part, what you will find here, is pretty simple, basic recordings, videos, tools and ideas that hopefully can be used to encourage your worship ministry and be useful immediately.  They won’t be super high-tech or polished quality, but I pray they will be heartfelt, practical and fruitful to you.
Feel free to browse and use whatever you need here.  It will be growing with time, as well.  And, if it blesses and/or helps you personally or your ministry, I’ll provide some links for you to give a gift to help support His Harmonies Music, however the Lord would desire to use it.
God’s very best to you!
Songs of Ministry and Encouragement
Worship Set Rehearsal Recordings
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