From the recording In Quietness and Trust

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Unique Creation (Psalm 139)

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Written and recorded in the month of Henry's birth. We knew right up until he was born, that unless the Lord had done the surgery inside the womb, he would need some extra surgery from human hands. Meditating on the phrases in Psalm 139 and the beautiful Sovereignty of God, no matter what, this simple melody came to help express these words.


I offer You my grateful heart
For I am Your creation
Filled with wonder I'm in awe
I'm Your unique creation

Knit together in Mommy's womb
In the secret place
You knew me there before I took a breath
I'm a miracle of grace

Your thoughts of me are precious Lord
I cherish every one
You've seen my days
You know my ways
Before my life has begun...and now my life has begun!