From the recording In Quietness and Trust

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Protect Me, O God (Psalm 16)

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This song was written and prayed on the first night after Henry's first surgery when he was just 3 days old. The doctors said that the first 12 hours after surgery were very critical and of course, some kids do not survive. I wanted to write a lullaby that cried out to God, but with a quiet confidence. The Lord answered our prayers and this song will live on as a testimony to the Lord's answered prayer on Henry's behalf.


Protect me, Oh God
You are the safety I know
Protect me, Oh God
You're the only safety I know!

You go before me
And stand by my side
Your presence is with me
Strengthening my heart and mind
You hold my future
My life's in Your hands
So I won't fear
No...I will not fear