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10 Reflections for Mia

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This piece ended up being one of the most emotionally sensitive pieces I've ever written. My son Mason said it was one of the best things he's heard me create after he heard it for the first time. Written just after we had to put our beloved whippet Mia to sleep in the Spring of 2020. We had Mia for 14 years since the time she was a puppy. Our kids grew up with her for sure. She made it obvious to us that it was time for her to go, but it is never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet...even for a guy like me who can really get annoyed with dogs at times...the emotions came out and this song was done in that season. May the simple and soothing melody and tones bring you comfort and hope and cause you to reflect on all that is good in your life, even when we have to say goodbye.