1. Joining God

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Joining God

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Title song inspired by Henry Blackaby's book and study, "Experiencing God", expanding the principle from John chapter 5 where Jesus is always watching His Father at work, and simply joins Him in what He is already doing. He invites us to not strive to make plans of our own and ask God to bless our plans, but to learn how to pay attention to what God is already blessing and join Him in that work! Joined by family and friends from Crossover Church on the choruses, this anthem expresses a call for us all to Join God where He is working!


Verse 1
God of all eternity
Blessed Holy Trinity
All creating One
Lover of all mankind
Jesus Christ the Son of God
Humbled Himself became a man
Joined His father's work
Extending life and peace to all
He came to the broken the least and the lost
And He's calling to us right now
May we recognize our need for Him
Humbly receive Him
No matter the cost
Oh Jesus You came for us all
To save us from ourselves
The curse and the Fall

So may we be found joining God where He works
So He can work through us
Joining God where He works
His Kingdom to bring
Holy Spirit come and open our eyes
Help us walk in Your light
Without compromise
So we can join You in Your work
And let You work through us

Verse 2
Lord we stand in awe of You
As we celebrate Your work in us
With humble gratitude
For lives placed in our trust
We want to be dependent Lord
Upon Your Spirit and on Your Word
Be Your faithful Bride
That longs for Your return
Time is short with lives at stake
As we grow in truth and grace
May we persevere with mission clear
Pointing to Jesus
Author perfecter of our faith
Lord Jesus You gave us Your all
And now You're asking us to
Answer Your call