1. One Step Ahead

From the recording Joining God

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One Step Ahead

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Another one of those times where I just came up with a melody. This time I remember specifically asking the Lord for what Scripture should go with it. The very next day in my quiet time, I was in Psalm 59 and I use The Voice translation a lot for devotions because it really speaks to me. In The Voice, Psalm 59:9-10 says, "I will watch for You, for You keep me strong. God, You are my security! My God is ONE STEP AHEAD of me with HIs mercy..." The phrase jumped off the page and landed into that melody and this song was born and fleshed out in a very short period of time. Praise the Lord! So timely and daily this truth is, and has been used by the Lord to remind me of His leadership and my need to respond to it, and that it's His mercy that only lets me see one step ahead! Once again, my sisters join me on this one.


One step ahead...one step ahead
Lord in Your mercy
You're one step ahead
Nothing to fear
I know You are near
Lord in Your mercy
You're one step ahead

Verse 1
I choose to follow You close behind
I choose Your will and peace of mind
Broken and sinful my flesh so weak
I'll watch for You wait for Your presence and peace
Yes I'll watch for You God my security

Verse 2
Search me O God
And know my heart
Test me with trials
Lord set me apart
Sift through my spirit
Examine me
Then lead me and guide me
Keep strong my belief
May Your eternal perspective be my constant plea

O for grace
Grace to trust You
O for grace
To follow through
O for joy in the journey
With Christ's Kingdom always in view