1. Legacy

From the recording Joining God

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Song originally written in April of 2006 on the occasion of my grandmother Juanita's memorial service. Lyrics spoke of her special qualities culminating in the legacy of love and prayer that she left. A few years later in 2008, in the trenches of parenting young children, I adapted the first verse that is recorded here as an expression of my heart's desire to leave a legacy of love and prayer knowing it is my calling, despite how hard it is during the seasons that we all battle through.
I've written versions celebrating my parent's 50th and 60th wedding anniversaries and this song has just gotten a lot of mileage and use and blessing during many seasons of my life. It is so poignant to always be reminded that this life is so short and that a legacy is left by daily choices made today. That line always speaks profoundly to me and calls me to what I need to be about.


Verse 1
Kneeling at my child's bedside
Such quite peaceful sleep
How this day was filled with challenge
I'm feeling frazzled tired and weak
But once again I hear the calling
That keeps me on my knees
And as the tears flow
Once again I know
I'm called to leave a legacy

A legacy of love and prayer
We know our lives are meant to share
A gift to give selfless to live
For those entrusted to our care
Seeking God's heart every day
Trusting Him to lead the way
May we teach our kids to pray
And pass on
A legacy of love and prayer

Verse 2
Life is just a breath a moment
Here today tomorrow gone
A chance to be found faithful
To hear the Lord's 'well done!'
Making Jesus the center of all we do and say
Leaving a legacy forever
Because of choices made today