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Remembering Israel trip...6 years ago this week  

Enjoy this recording from St. Anne's Cathedral, just adjacent to the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem.  Natural acoustical reverb that is world renown...our team had the opportunity to lead some spontaneous worship and many were drawn in to hear the beautiful sound of redeemed hearts praising Him in this surreal setting.  Hope you enjoy!


Are we ever really 'ready'? 

What does it mean to be 'ready'?  Do any of us ever truly 'feel' ready for what happens to us in life?

I love the Masters Golf Tournament...It's a nostalgic and magical time each year the 2nd week of April.  For those of us that love it, there is nothing quite like it.  It is captivating and so many moments that happen at Augusta National get etched into our memories forever. 

This year was no different, as 25-year old Scottie Scheffler, came on strong Friday afternoon and didn't look back until the Green…

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Pivotal Evening Turns Into Pivotal Week 

That Sunday evening described turned out to be the beginning of a week of significant pivoting and spiritual battle. 

Monday morning, March 21, was our grandson Henry's 2nd open-heart surgery to continue the process of re-routing his circulatory system. Of course that was heavily on my mind, and in combination with what had transpired the night before, I was not at 100% by the time I arrived at my office that morning. I got through my first virtual appointment for the day and took a call or two and realized…

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One Very Pivotal Evening - March 20, 2022 

With over one week of hindsight, I can say with great confidence that my family and I experienced one of these 'Pivotal Moments' last week! Here is the synopsis: 

Knowing that our son was preparing to head back across the state to college after months of being home, I was somewhat craving and longing for one of those 'touchy-feely' family nights. You know where we can all decide on a movie or activity and thoroughly enjoy it together, and laugh, and enjoy each other's company. Ya know...the hopes and…

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Pivotal Moments 

I have used this phrase, 'pivotal moments' throughout my life.  I use it, most often in retrospect, to acknowledge the Lord's work in my life, that has lead to a 'pivot' or course correction in life.  The verb-form of the word pivot means...'to modify (a policy, opinion, etc.) while retaining some continuity with its previous version.'  Hmm.  Doesn't that sound a lot like growth?  I would slightly alter this definition in my application to say, 'while retaining much' continuity with its previous version. 

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Remedial Lessons 

Do you have an 'Achilles Heel'?  You know, that reference from ancient Greek literature that refers to a limitation, character flaw, or besetting sin that you just seem to keep repeating?  If we're all honest, isn't that part of being human?  Some of these issues, of course, have more far reaching and lasting consequences than others, but nonetheless, we all long to be 'set free' from them, don't we?

I want to share with you some lyrics to a song that was brought to my mind last night that speaks to this…

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The 'Blessing-Gratitude-Dependence' Cycle 

My heart and mind are definitely with our grandson, Henry, today and this week.  On Monday he had his second of the 3 major heart surgeries to basically 're-route' his circulatory system due to his congenital heart condition at birth.  God's got His hand on this little guy and his Mommy and Daddy, and we are trusting Him completely for His healing touch.

One of my very favorite Scriptures is Lamentations 3:22-23 which from THE VOICE translation says this:  "How enduring is God's loyal love; the Eternal has

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